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Welcome to The Amy Internet Syndicate, where a variety of guest opinion columns under the name Real Answers are available for use simply by newspapers, magazines, web-based publications and others by downloading the opinion columns to a computer.

» The columns are free.  We ask editors to identify your publication, city and state. 

» If minor editing is necessary, please do not remove either the publication credits at the end of the column or the biblical references within the text.

And thanks for allowing us to be a part of your mission of providing the best information possible for your readers.

The column titled Real Answers is a service provided by The Amy Foundation. The Amy Internet Syndicate consists of many authors who submit opinion columns for traditional print and online publications relating to issues of the day, writing from a biblical perspective. Real Answers are made available via the Internet and are provided without charge. Columns provide analysis, applying spiritual truth supported with biblical references, with the goal of sharing moral and biblical values. Columns are hope-filled, committed not only to critical comment but to positive solutions.

Real Answers columns are intended for the opinion pages and other news sections in addition to the church pages of a publication, and for personal use of visitors to the Amy Foundation website.

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