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  1. Begin now to pray for your group for the letters, articles and columns to be written. For the discipling result to be accomplished in the hearts of the readers. Assimilate and take possession of the vision of our Lord as defined in His Great Commission. "Make disciples...teach obedience..."

  2. Enlist the interest and support of the pastors and lay leaders in your church. Offer to present the vision briefly in a meeting or worship service.

  3. Gather a core of 5 or more interested people. Share this brochure with as many as possible. Encourage their participation. Emphasize this is a mission to disciple our nation by the year 2025.

  4. Personally invite as many as possible to a first meeting. Announce your meetings in the bulletin and at the Sunday Worship Service. Adopt Matthew 28:18-20 as your statement of purpose. Your mission is to "make disciples." The strategy is using the secular media. The work is to "teach them to obey everything I have commanded you."

  5. Schedule meetings on a monthly basis. Secure group commitment to one published piece per month with individual commitment of one per quarter from each participant.

  6. Celebrate your victories! Recently published authors should share their fresh experience, new insights, strategies, etc. The recently published authors are celebrities of the meeting.

  7. Remember, 60 to 80% of newspaper subscribers read letters to the editor. At least two people read every subscription. Rejoice in the size of the audience being reached. Keep a record of the number of reader discipling experiences achieved.

  8. 89% of Americans perceive themselves as Christians. 84% believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. 74% profess a commitment. Your reading audience is family needing discipling. Spiritual infants, babes in Christ, lambs to be fed. Love them, pray for them, disciple them. Teach them to be obedient to all Jesus has commanded. Two or three discipling paragraphs, reinforced with scripture, can become a life changing experience to the reader.

  9. Identify a CWG leader with a heart for the vision of the Great Commission and the CWGM. Support that person with your prayers, presence and active participation.

  10. Network with Church Writing Groups in your area. Plan common gatherings to share victories, enthusiasm and ideas. Pray for other Church Writing Groups in your community and work to help them get started. The local goal is a minimum of one discipling letter to the editor each day. The national goal is at least one discipling letter to the editor everyday, in every newspaper, in every city across the nation. Our framework in time is 2025. May it be joyfully proclaimed in that year, "Blessed is our nation, whose God is the Lord."

Agenda Items You May Want To Consider

  • Opening and closing prayer (a must).
  • Review CWGM brochure (CWG Characteristics and Guidelines).
  • Review vision, mission, purpose and goal. Matthew 28:18-20.
  • Local issues are best. Understand and discuss definition, discipling possibilities, biblical position, and research sources.
  • Regional, national and global issues.
  • Family values issues, moral issues, biblical position.
  • Review work voluntarily submitted for critique by CWG members.
  • This month's good news.
  • Review and discuss published articles having good discipling quality.
  • Recruit volunteers to fulfill publication schedule.
  • Publication problems. Work to establish cordial, friendly relations with editors and employees of local publications.
  • Understand and discuss why a supporting biblical quotation is essential to the discipling mission of your letter or article.
  • Discussion of meaning of Jesus' mandate, "Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."
  • List Christian and secular publications possessing research value. Bring samples to share.
  • Discuss and study materials, conferences, and courses designed to improve writing skills.
  • Respond in discipling love and biblical truth to letters to the editor and articles in the newspaper.
  • What would Jesus write? How would he write it?
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