The Master's Plan For Your Congregation
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The Master's Plan For Your Congregation

What does it take to win a championship? It takes talent, skill, team spirit, practice, discipline, cooperation, and commitment. Your local church and small group are a vital part of God's team, competing for an eternal prize. What are you and your team doing to develop team members in the race to make disciples? This book will help you become an unbeatable team.

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Table of Contents:

  • The church's one foundation
  • Little words, big command
  • The power behind disciple-making
  • Making disciples first-century style
  • Service with a smile
  • A loving congregation
  • Everyone off the bench!
  • A disciple-making visitation program that works
  • Hold the mirror close
  • The praying congregation
  • The Leader-follower
  • Harvest time

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