What People are Saying about
"A Discipled Nation Plan"


"Seven weeks into the class we are retaining 90% attendance of the fifty-one people that signed up for the Discipling Myself curriculum. This fills the need for the churches of America today."
               Pastor Ron Geisler, Jennerstown (PA)
               United Methodist Church

“We started with eight in our Sunday school class and we have over 40 each Sunday now.”
               Pastor Pat Bossio, Faith Christian Assembly

"Class participation doubled and remained high for the past 18 months. People are getting 'discipleship.'”
               Bretton Woods Covenant Church


"The Discipling the Nation Workbook Series provides solid spiritual direction. It eliminates the 'fluffiness' sometimes found especially in women's materials and gets right to the 'meat of things' with a step by step process of how to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. The daily challenges offer great opportunities to build discipling relationships and put faith into action. It has truly been an awesome adventure."
               Laurie Frisbie, Homemaker

“We are now into the second course "Discipling My Family." I wish this had been around when I was raising my family. I feel so fulfilled when I leave on Sunday.”
               Grandma Leona Smith

“I have found the Discipled Nation Plan materials an effective tool to 'make disciples' in our culture. Meeting with the class was like being in the Upper Room of the Book of Acts and asking the Lord together in our time, 'What does He want us to do about what He has said?' Many Christians do want to take Jesus seriously. Here's how. There are loving weekly nudges to help you, like the Boy Jesus, be about your 'father's business.' It made me a more accountable disciple of Jesus.”
               Rev. Norris Peterson, Pastor

"What I really like about the Discipled Nation Plan program is that is meets you right where you are. I struggled with a busy life as a wife, mother and home-business owner and couldn't find time to do what I knew I should be doing. This program helped me to put 'feet' to my faith and do what God wants each of us to do... draw near to Him and draw others to Him as well. This program is going to make a difference in this nation and I'm excited to be a part of it!”
               Debb Ross, Homemaker,
               Mother and home business owner


“It is not a mere coincidence that September 11, and the appearance soon thereafter of A Discipled Nation Plan Curriculum fall into the same time frame.”
               Dr. Carl F.H. Henry, Founding Editor, Christianity Today

“[The Discipled Nation Plan] has been put into a form easily useable by adult Sunday school groups who are 'weary of ever-learning but never-doing.' The simple curriculum allows such groups to reflect not just on the faith they profess, but on practical means to apply faith in real-life situations around them.”
               Joel Belz, CEO, World Magazine

“Discipleship to Jesus implies radical obedience to all of his teachings. A Discipled Nation Plan curriculum offers clear guidelines for people who desire to be transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Christ. I am excited about its potential to guide people into the kind of whole-person, lifelong learning that Jesus seeks.”
               Doreen L. Olson, Executive Minister
               Dept. of Christian Formation, Evangelical Covenant Church

“The Discipled Nation Plan... calls on us to focus on the daily reading of the Bible as the foundation to teaching obedience in ourselves, our families, our congregations and our neighborhoods. This Christ-centered discipline will change the direction of our nation back to God, which we desperately need to do if we are to continue to grow and become an even greater nation.”
               Sam Moore, President and CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers

“Perhaps never in our history have believers been in greater need of discipling than now. To follow Jesus, one must first know Him. To know Him, one must study and be obedient to what He has said. A Discipled Nation Plan provides an excellent way of achieving God's ultimate will for each of us.”
               Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist

“As the founder of Evangelism Explosion International, it is my privilege to welcome the appearance of this new, excellently designed curriculum titled A Discipled Nation Plan. It is practical, Biblical, scholarly, and essential to helping solve this nation's spiritual problems.”
               D James Kennedy, Senior Minister,
               Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

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