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Discipling My Neighborhood Leader's Pack
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1 Pastor's Guide

Sometimes the hardest missionary journey is the walk next door... Discipling My Neighborhood is an innovative group study that shows you how to reach your world for Christ in practical, relevant ways.

It might be as simple as inviting a neighbor to church...

According to Barna Research Group, only 25% of the U.S. population has been invited to church. Another 11% would attend if asked.

It may involve encouraging a co-worker to stick with a troubled marriage...

2002 University of Chicago research showed that those who end a troubled marriage only have a 19% probability to happily remarry within 5 years. Of those discontented couples that stuck with it, 80% reported that they reestablished satisfying relationship during the same 5 years.

Discipling My Neighborhood is a study about how God wants to and will use us in discipling our friends, neighbors, and co-workers if we will follow His lead, and the daily challenges with put "feet to your faith."

Encouraging People to Christ-likeness

As disciple-makers, Jesus commanded us to be salt and light to the world, saying that we will be known or "different" by our love for God and love for our neighbor (Matt 5:13-16, John 13:35, Matthew 22:37-39). But how do we show this love, how do we demonstrate the difference? Discipling My Neighborhood takes a step-by-step approach to training people how to see the loving opportunities to disciple friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

For example:

  • In Session 1, the Bible study in Proverbs 3 assures us that God is guiding our steps, and the Leader's Guide provides a prayer map for participants to begin to pray for their neighbors by name. The 6 daily challenges reinforce the power of prayer in discipling our neighborhoods and communities.
  • Session 3 studies Matthew 5:14-16, which encourages us to "let our light shine!" The Leader's Guide works in additional questions and activities that help identify the "subtle sins" of irritability and complaining as real stumbling blocks. The daily challenges encourage participants to think out ways to shine in their neighborhood as Christians.
  • Session 6 is titled "Who really Cares?" and it challenges believers to serve the sick and needy (Matthew 9:16-38). The Leader's Guide provides an exercise involving King David's comfort for a deceased friend's son. The daily challenges present opportunities to act in compassion for the afflicted.
  • By Session 9, participants are expected to be looking for opportunities to disciple. The Leader's Guide provides additional ways to make the discipling connection, such as recommending or buying a Christian book for a neighbor in need. Daily Challenge #2 revisits the neighborhood map and asks for each neighbor's concerns and spiritual needs for which participants have been praying.

Workbook & Leader's Guide

Practical applied discipleship: that is the mission of Discipling My Neighborhood Workbook and Leader's Guide. Here is a complete list of the topics covered:

  • Where He Leads Me
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Loving the Unlovely and Neglected
  • Your Dual Citizenship
  • Who Really Cares?
  • Informed Disciples are Well-equipped Disciples
  • Discipling those in Authority
  • Surrounded by Discipling Opportunities
  • Reach for and Working for the Blessings

Pastor's Guide

A recent ASCG study reported that 85% of church members surveyed felt the church's main purpose was to meet their needs, while only 15% said the purpose was to reach the lost.

A pastor may have a heart for discipling, but to effectively reach a community, he or she needs help instilling these values in the members and engage them in outreach. Discipling My Neighborhood is a great tool that will assist the pastor in effectively equipping for the Great Commission.

To help the pastor, we created Discipling My Neighborhood Pastor's Guide. This book provides the context for Pastors to support the Discipling My Neighborhood small groups and classes within the church by providing defined expectations, suggested resources, and outlines for sermons and promotional event. A "Kick-off Weekend" is an excellent way to spike interest in the church's discipling program and drive up class attendance.

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