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Discipling My Family Leader's Pack
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According to a 1999 National Institutes of Health study, 99% of Americans long for more meaningful family relationships. This ranked higher than financial security (98%), sexual satisfaction (82%), and job satisfaction (78%). We see this statistic lived out in our own over-burdened, strained relationships and those of our family and friends.

One result: the divorce rate within the church is equal to that of the greater population. In a 2001 research study, George Barna found that:

More than 90% of the born again adults who have been divorced experienced that divorce after they accepted Christ, not before. It is unfortunate that so many people, regardless of their faith, experience a divorce, but especially unsettling to find that the faith commitment of so many born again individuals has not enabled them to strengthen and save their marriages.

In addition to divorce, families are left to deal with trying social issues. In a recent Wirthlin Worldwide survey conducted for Pfizer and USA Today, responding parents indicated that they have had to talk with their children about:

  • Illegal drug use (69%)
  • Underage alcohol use (64%)
  • Sex before marriage (52%)
  • Mental illnesses/disorders (16%)

It is well documented that drug addiction, physical and sexual abuse, and violent crime can be traced to broken families and relationships. These statistics show us how great the need is, where the hurt is. Churches and believers need relevant tools that help build or rebuild loving family relationships on Jesus' teaching. This is the challenge of Discipling My Family.


Discipling My Family is a 10-session course on how to disciple our family. Each session helps us and our loved ones open our lives up to God, inviting Him to examine several aspects of our relationships. Here are the topics covered in Discipling My Family:

  • Earth's First Family
  • One Man's Family a
  • Mentoring Begins at Home
  • The Family Bible
  • Thanksgiving at Home
  • Filling your Home with Love!
  • The Dynamics of Parent-child Relationships
  • The Role of Prayer in Family Living
  • Teachable Moments
  • Support Your "Local" Family
  • A good example is Discipling My Family Session 6 titled, "Filling your Home with Love!" There is a short Bible study on Ephesians 5:1-2, 22-33. (These short lessons are great for class, small group, and family discussions - no lecture material here.) The 6 daily challenges (each session has six) step us through each Discipling My Family area, and many of the daily challenges can serve as family devotion "starters" to help families establish a common spiritual base. In Session 6, they serve as our assignment to practice "greater love" in family relationships during the week. The activities go like this:

    • Choose 2 or 3 ways to express greater love to family members this week.
    • Check our attitude that it is positive and helpful. Confess any negativity to God and thank Him for the strength to remain positive, working through the tough times.
    • Everyday, tell our spouse, parents, and children that we love them.
    • Hold a family council and discuss "God's love" as defined in I Corinthians 13:1-4.
    • Hold another family meeting and have each person apologize for any acts of rudeness, selfishness, or resentment.
    • Everyday this week, have family members read I Corinthians 13:4-4, substituting their name for "love" and "it."


    Leader's Guide

    The best group leaders are actual participants in class. Preparation time drops significantly as leaders complete the daily challenges just like other class members. The Leader's Guide is there with helpful suggestions on getting class started, focusing discussion, and keeping participation high from group meeting to group meeting. For each group Bible Study and daily challenge devotion, there are additional questions and fun exercises to stretch people's minds and promote participation.

    For example, in Discipling My Family Session 6, "Filling your Home with Love!," The Leader's Guide has the class or family members develop and present a "Selfless Love" commercial to the rest of the group. From there the group shares thoughts on the passages and discusses the 6 daily challenges for the upcoming week.

    Pastor's Guide

    There is no doubt that Discipling My Family is great as stand-alone material for family Bible studies, Sunday school class, small groups, one-on-one discipleship, and independent study. But imagine an entire church of discipled families.

    To help pastors lead in discipling the families of his church, we created Discipling My Family Pastor's Guide. This book provides the context for Pastors to support the Discipling My Family classes and small groups within the church by providing defined expectations, suggested resources, and outlines for sermons and promotional event. This "Kick-off Weekend" is an excellent way to spike interest in the church's discipling program and drive up class attendance.

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