The Master's Plan For You
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Overcoming Subtle Sins: The Key to Dynamic Discipleship

"In life, failure to follow a plan leads inevitably to disappointment and loss, but whose plan is perfect? God has a "master plan" for each of as He leads us along the path of blessing. Along the way, He gives us the privilege of introducing others to Him. Discover "The Master's Plan for You." Great for small groups!

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Table of Contents:

  • Complete Forgiveness & freedom
  • Love to Enjoy and share
  • Faith for Today and tomorrow
  • Prayer that reaches heaven
  • Power over evil
  • Joy that just won't quit
  • Words to live by
  • Peace that guards the heart
  • Attitudes that shield the mind
  • Character that blesses others
  • Work that holds significance
  • Rewards that last forever

This book is a great resource for small groups with 12 Short, digestible chapters, 10 engaging questions for each chapter, and challenging disciple-making steps for each chapter.

The Master's Plan for You is the first book in the A Discipled Nation Plan Series, a set of paperback books on disciple-making. It outlines the steps required to disciple ourselves and thus fulfill God’s plan in our life.

The book is formatted for individual and group study with short, compelling chapters and ten to twelve questions at the end of each chapter for personal and/or group reflection.

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