A Discipled Nation Plan Curriculum

Discipled Nation Plan is innovative adult small group material that focuses on getting people discipling in their everyday lives. The four workbook series offer 40 "knowing & doing" sessions in the areas of discipling self, family, congregation, and neighborhood. It is ideal for church small group ministry, adult Sunday school and Bible study programs, and even one-on-one discipling.

We provide well-designed Leader's Guides for each area that addresses up to 33 different types of learning styles. In putting the guides together, we strived to reduce the prep-time for teachers and engage each participant in thought- and action-provoking activities, shared experiences, and group discussion. Pastor's Guides are also available for those seeking to revitalize their discipling programs church-wide.

After one class, you will see that this material is unique:

  • It follows a plan. A Discipled Nation Plan is a logical approach to making disciples- first by discipling self, then family, congregation, and neighborhood. By following a plan, these easy-to-use tools teach Christians at all levels the essentials of being and making disciples. The material provides a progression that gradually moves people from an inward focus and personal application of discipling to an outreach posture in their neighborhoods.

  • It is practical. The studies and activities are practical applications of faith. The 40 lessons are short and targeted on specific discipling issues and supported by daily applications and devotionals.

  • It offers daily opportunities. Each session has six life application assignments, called "Daily Challenges," that present brief real-life opportunities to learn and grow and make disciples.

  • It encourages participation. The materials are designed for significant group participation, taking the focus off of the teacher and placing it on the group members. As participants grow comfortable sharing their experiences in discipling, you will run out of time to cover all of the material because of the inspired class discussion.

  • It gets people to practice their faith. The Daily Challenges are specifically designed to get participants to disciple in their daily lives. They give achievable goals that provide perspective and a basis for spiritual growth. When undertaken in faith, these challenges really open up a life to the discipling work of the Holy Spirit.

  • While progressive, the workbooks and sessions stand alone. While the material follows a progressive plan, we conscientiously designed each session and each workbook to stand alone. We believe this material will impact the participants with each and every session, whether they have completed the just first session or the thirty-first.

  • It allows for flexibility. Because of the material's structure and the excellent supporting leader's guides, churches are using this material in a myriad of ways- in Bible studies, new believer orientations, small group programs, youth and adult Sunday school, and even prison ministries. Teachers enjoy the flexibility too, through reviewing of previous daily challenges, initiating discussion with an "ice breaker" or "team building" exercise from the Leader's Guide, or running through the material start-to-finish, having pre-assigned the challenges the week before.

We provide information on each area, including downloadable samples. Please visit these pages and see what makes A Discipled Nation Plan unique.

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